Hello, I’ve been looking for a front-end junior dev job for 3 months now and have yet to get any bites from potential employers. I’m self taught and have some gaps in my knowledge but I am incredibly capable of learning anything that’s needed of me. I’ve re-written my resume so many times I feel like I need to get some more eyes on this that aren’t mine. I’m very well versed in JavaScript and know my way around svelte and sapper. I also have just recently built a nodejs api to work as the backend for my project, omnicollective, a learning, sharing, and documentation platform I’m building for developers.

In 2019 I built the Annual Shareholder Report for P&G (P&G 2019 Annual Shareholder Report) using Vue/Nuxt, something I had to learn on the fly. I’ve also built multiple WordPress sites.

I apply to maybe 30 companies a week, mostly remote but have made it very clear that I am 100% willing and able to relocate. I even write custom cover letters when I’m given the option which is the majority of the time. I’ve not heard back from a single companies other than rejections. Am I just having bad luck or is my resume worse than I think it is? I would really appreciate any bit of feedback I can get.


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