I’m experiencing this very strange bug with Chrome.

Our homepage seems to render fine… simple scrollable column layout, but sometimes… Chrome renders some extra padding to the right, and forces the layout to shift left, and x-scrollbar to show… but it’s not clear why. I’ve gonna through a triple-checked css to ensure nothing should be overflowing, and inspector shows nothing is… but there’s this giant padding.

What’s weird is… refreshing over and over, or even going to address bar and clicking, then entering again (basically a refresh)… all continues to show the extra padding when it does show up the first time. Yes, I’m CMD+Shift+R refreshing (without cache). HOWEVER, if I open a new tab, and go to the address, the site renders as normal!

I would post a link, but we haven’t launched yet. I think tomorrow, in which case I will share the code, but, here’s a screenshot of the bug…

(the grey ~100pixel padding all the way to the right is what I’m talking about):

r/webdev - Chrome's showing some odd bug: renders an inconsistent layout sometimes, and refreshing doesn't fix... only reopening address in a new tab does. Any ideas?

I dunno… very strange behavior for me in Chrome lately. I’m not entirely sure it’s my code… I hope it is, but… this one’s weird. Any ideas? Will share code tomorrow hopefully…

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