Thanks to anyone who can understand this image. I appreciate any help greatly!!!!!

r/webdev - 1. Simple question, drawn horribly, 2. What's the best way to find a good webdev?

I hope this image is readable. Otherwise, let me explain.

I have began building a website and I have quickly realised that I will need to purchase plugins.

So far I have a Hostgator hatchling plan with wordpress installed. Within wordpress, I have started building from a “futorio” theme, using elementor.

Ultimately, I want forms that can be filled out by visitors, and for the form entries to be databased (sql). I then want to be able to reference the inputs from those forms, to display parts of them in other areas, where new users can interact with them.

I have seen a few plugins which appear to be able to solve this, although, it is hard for me to commit to paying for one until I know it will be able to meet my ends. WPForms seems to allow for this, is this what they call “offline forms”? Without one of the paid versions, I can’t access/use the form data easily (to my knowledge)


Second question,

How do I find a good webdev to consult?

I have some (not so close) friends, although they won’t take my money for the help they have given me so far, and I feel bad overusing them. Ultimately, I’m looking for someone who I can ask questions like the following, who will point me in the direction of tools etc. to achieve my goals. Once my idea is more developed, and I need further help, I would likely be looking to contract someone to finish the job in its entirety. I don’t need a super-mega-pro, just someone who is accessible, who I can ask questions regularly. (hostgator support seems wrong, now that I’m building on wordpress?)

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