For almost 2 years I kept working on my management tool, and It reached a state where I can proudly say that it’s stable and running in my local network on RaspberryPi 4.


I’ve created this app because I really wanted some central point for storing my contacts, personal notes, plans for visiting some places, some schedules, goals, document, images etc. Everything just in one place, not between few clouds or still on paper. I really wanted something that I can control – that means being able to simply create any additional extensions for my usage.


Personal Management System is a web-app tool designed to organize the essentials of everyday life, everything from a simple to-do list and notes to file organizers. No more thinking about unhandled pending issues, no more sticky notes on the desk, or tones of files named asdfgasd.txt and furthermore no more searching for physicals documents in folders.Simplicity, transparency, flexibility and expand-ability – designed for personal use.


MIT (free)



Source code


r/webdev - [Showoff Saturday] Personal Management System 1.4


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