Hi webdev community,

Excited to share Point Address (same as: https://pnt.is) which aims to challenge conventional addresses and allows individuals to define their addresses

With Point users can:

  • create, update and manage point addresses in real time.

  • create addresses of your choice that are easy to remember and share. For example: happy-home-us, or xyz-residence-de

  • add description, images and share precise location

    • Have a delivery? Store a message on where to leave the package, or add gate codes for community, add phone number etc.

    • Delivery folks: it can be very time consuming to find the apartment unit within a housing complex. Points are precise and can help users find the apartment / unit easily.

    • Hosting event? Don’t create a map on where park, which door / bell to ring. Just add all that information in the Point Address

    • airbnbs, hotels, or any rental unit that needs description of how to get to the place

  • give addresses to Businesses that don’t have presence on Maps (think Food trucks, roadside sellers / counters)

  • keep your legal address safe! Our mission is that one day no one has to remove labels on delivery packages before throwing them away. Package deliveries, visitors, don’t really care for legal addresses, but the actual location.

  • create multiple addresses for the same location, for example:

    • happyhome-us (for family)

    • happyhome-delivery-us (for deliveries / food etc.)

    • happyhome-guests-us (for visitors and friends)

(above are just examples, users can choose any name)

  • mark your Points public / private anytime. Public points can be accessed by others, but Private points cannot.

  • have an address! Yes, 20% of the world doesn’t have an address, but now there’s a way

  • move without updating the address. Users can simply update the Point anytime if they decide to move to a new place / apartment.

  • Points can be searched on the App or by visiting: https://pnt.is/<point-name>

Feedback is very welcome! Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to create and access Points easily. Point is a free platform, and our mission is to keep it free for all users, always.

If you like it, please use it. Instead of sharing your location with others, share Point addresses.

Our mission is that one day deliveries, and even postal services can start using Point instead of legal addresses of users.

Point API is coming soon for easy integration.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4Sc0wUkoRU

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