I recently created this logo when I was freewheeling in order to create a (better) successor to my current logo. This new design almost happened by accident but I feel it really has a modern, dynamic and vibrant look to it which is something I think my personal brand really needs as I intend to position myself more and more as a “techy freelancer” who is at home in both design and development targeted towards the middle market.

The idea is basically a comet that contains the first letter of each word of the name. The coment is the accidental part but I feel it looks really modern and can be defended as the name “devign” (portmenteau of design and development) which bears a resemblence to the word “divine” (this is not a coincidence by the way) and as such, the cosmos or in other words (the) ‘heavens’, can be connected to that general idea. What do you think reddit? Is this logo feasible for what is intended for? Does it look good? What feeling(s) does it convey? What is your opinion of the color choices? etc…

r/graphic_design - Asking for feedback regarding new personal logo concept

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