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my new resume but on Reddit looks weird, try looking at on adobe

Hey guys! Just two weeks ago, I got my first freelancing job thanks to a friend from college that recommend me to this company. So I got to update my resume with a new resume designed. This time, it doesn’t have a design style but it’s more simple with the use of two colors ( orange & blue ) to highlight the headers and job titles.

Here is my latest resume. There are differences from my other resumes in that I decided to keep the description of the job to one sentence only for each instead of bullet points, giving it more space for my recent past positions.

I just told by a few designers that ATS or anything doesn’t read bullet points so yeah. That is why there is the absence of bullet points. Also, it’s not decorated like my other one, I just started to think it’s is too much.

Here is my resume ( I keep my present job anon just in case )

Here are the old versions

Short Verison

Long Verison ( The Long version is for Junior Positions with some leeway just in case if they want to read the long version.

Please give me some feedback, how to improve on it and what do you think of the decisions I made.
I know it looks boring and looks out of Word but it’s better to be simple.

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