Hi guys!
Im currently learning front end development, and I’m doing a clone of apples landing page. But I have encountered a problem which I seem to be unable to solve. Normally i wouldnt resort to asking for help on reddit, but I have found no help on the dev help discords that i frequent.

Anyways, Im wondering if anyone could help me with how to go about retrieving the images from http://www.apple.com.
They are background images attached to div containers, but the styling is set to
background-image: initial;.
Is there an easy way to go about getting the images? I tried searching through the css file (and the image url:s seems to be there) but it is HUGE, and going through it all would take me ages.
As an example of which images i mean I’ve provided a picture:

r/webdev - How to find image assets on apple.com site?

Now just to clarify, I dont expect anyone to actually retrieve all images for me. Im only looking for the best possible way to locate and download them myself.

Thanks in advance.

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