I have a Brussels Griffon, so finding things for him being small and flat-faced were pretty hard. I decided to spend Black Friday building a little website for other small dog owners to see what products I really liked. https://smolpups.com/

r/webdev - Used NetlifyCMS with Gatsby to build a site for small dogs

Things I liked about NetlifyCMS:

  • It’s free and kind of easy to set up. I couldn’t get one of the files to work (https://www.netlifycms.org/docs/collection-types/#file-collections I even copied/pasted the example of nested fields inside fields and it still didn’t work), but since it is a small site and just JSON I made another file instead of a combined one. I didn’t make any custom widgets.

  • Having a collection of files and folders. I was able to use files and import JSON for things like the menu and use folders for categories and products.

Things I didn’t like about NetlifyCMS:

r/webdev - Used NetlifyCMS with Gatsby to build a site for small dogs
  • Only being able to see the title (and image if there was one) of the things you made in a folder. It would be nice to be able to customize it where you could see the title and some other fields.

  • You cannot edit multiple posts at once and then publish. Every post you change has to be published before changing the next one. This results in a ton of commits and a ton of builds. Netlify limits to 300 minutes of builds, so two days on this small site almost capped me for the month before I had to join the next tier. It would be nice if the data was stored in localStorage and you could publish at once, but I get some sites might be over that threshold (BUT that’s a really big site for this CMS).

  • I had a list widget with a relation widget inside it. When dragging the relation widget in a different order it would either take several seconds for the selects to reappear with a value. Sometimes they didn’t at all, but the data was still there.

Maybe you can do some of these things, so please let me know if you can.

Gatsby was probably a little excessive for this site, but I figured if it ever grew then I would already be set up for that. Let me know if you’re interested in any of the component and I can get a demo up with the source code.

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