Issue with colours being viewed in Photoshop/Illustrator after being fine previously.

Thought I would post in here as there us a huge community that may have had the same issue.

I opened both Photoshop & Illustrator today after around 2 weeks of inactivity to find an issue with the programs changing the look of files inside.

The files themselves when saved (after finding this issue) are still showing correctly when viewing them outside of PS/AI but inside the programs they are darker & more saturated. Here is a screenshot showing the issue with the photoshop image.

*Please note that before the issue started the Photoshop/Illustrator file when viewed in Photoshop/Illustrator looked identical to the image viewer file on the right in the attached image.

I have not manually changed any colour management settings between the times that I had no issues to now so I'm assuming an auto update has changed something.

This is extremely frustrating as now the programs themselves are


Updating the Graphics driver manually did not fix the issue.

The colours when saved still save correctly. but it makes working on anything impossible due to the viewed colours being significantly darker & saturated than they actually are.

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