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TL;DR: LeetHub is a free chrome extension that automatically pushes your code to GitHub when solving any Leetcode problem!

I just wanted to share a chrome extension I built in the past 2 days that legit could’ve been SOO helpful this recruiting season. As someone who’s received multiple Fortune 100 SWE internship offers, having a good developer portfolio is vital for getting that interview. Recruiters *actually* check out your GitHub profile.

But instead of building random side-projects that may or may not help you prepare for your coding interviews, why not just practice on your algorithms & data structures, whilst at the same time improve your dev portfolio?

This is what led me to LeetHub to enable students to just focus on improving their algorithms skills & let this extension take care of improving your portfolio!

If you find it useful (or not), I’d appreciate some feedback on ProductHunt.

It has been open-sourced on Github

Chrome extension link

Would appreciate some ❤️!

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