I personally have a lot of fun brainstorming unconventional concepts for common businesses.

An example I made for visual reference…

I created this specific branding experiment for a non-existent/futuristic themed salon that focuses on the underground club scene’s styles inspired by the lot of early cheesy 2000’s techno I’ve been listening to and thought to somehow correlate its vibe to an unrelated business (salon). The textures created by the hairstyles within the borders of the circle are to imply planets to further depict the tag line of “planet hair”.

I understand this is pretty specific and a niche market, but simplified it makes for a cool futuristic style for a high-end salon. How would I go about pitching this to existent ones and seeing if they’re interested in rebranding? I’m using this as an example. My question is more general… How would I go about asking if companies would like to rebrand with my existing designs/pitch deck (for various businesses)?

I’d appreciate your help! I’m a recently graduated designer that is considering pursuing the scary world of freelance.

r/graphic_design - Where / how do you pitch a brand you experimentally came up with? Or suggest a business to rebrand with a ready pitch deck?

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