Web Dev in 2020


Yep, new college students are learning HTML using frames, tables for page layout, Dreamweaver, inline styles it's really sad.

I'm the teacher assistant, I'm doing my best to teach good(?) web development (I have 2 hours per week where I teach HTML 5 tags, CSS 3 flex-box, grids, CSS variables and soon JS, ES6 of course), but students just want to do what teacher does, and they say things like: "Why are you teaching things we don't use for the test?", "How do you became teacher assistant if you can't even do what teacher does?", "we don't need what you do, we just need to pass the exam"… and things like that.

Should I give up and teach these things, or should I continue with my few 5 students (of 120)? It's really frustrating.

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