Do you familiar with this – you develop a great client web-app, with beautiful design, server-side API integration, and now “just” left to create the admin UI panel for managing the DB of the app, that will help you and non-technology people?

That’s how SchemaUI was born, from a true need, to create a UI CMS/dashboard panel for a new/existing app. you just register your mongoose models with SchemaUI, and they’re ready to be managed through the dashboard (validations, enums, and other awesome things already inside)!

Some of the included features –

  • Fields with enums are converted to Dropdown (single/multi)

  • Mandatory fields are supported

  • Nested documents edit is supported

  • Headless mode – you can take a single collection and integrate it into your existing app

  • Audit log for each action (create/edit/delelte) – optional

  • TypeScript typings support

Link to the package –

Live Demo –

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SchemaUI – mongoose CMS

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