Hello redditors,

Today I launch my first web app(https://super-transfer.com) on the internet! It’s a p2p file sharing app that works like wetransfer, dropbox and the like. By default is Client/Server but you also have the option to “Instant Transfer” any file of any size but you’re responsible for holding your own files online I began working on this app (in my spare time) in January 2020 so it was a loooong journey to get here. You might think “wow, that is an absurd amount of time for such a small app” but in reality I changed my mind 20 times about the design, UX and I read those material design guidelines more than I can count. I also tried to avoid any burnouts since I work 8-9 hours a day at my current job so a work-life balance gets pretty important.

Here is the stack I used:

  • UI: React + Material-ui + Axios + Typescript

  • P2P: WebTorrent – This was my first option but after a while I replaced it with WebRTC… WebTorrent is very good but the problem I have with it is that it keeps all the files in memory because it has to hash every chunk and there isn’t a large storage or direct access to files that the browser can use

  • Backend/devops: Java, Spring-boot, Docker, Postgres, Node.js(email service), AWS, Make, Gitlab, Ora.pm

Future features and plans:

  • build an intuitive and open source CLI

  • try to open source the frontend(which includes the p2p part)

  • build the native desktop/android app

  • hire some people if I reach certain number of subscribers

  • build brand awareness

I also kept track of the work but is not 100% accurate since many times I forgot to hit the “start record button”, so here are some stats for you guys:

r/webdev - My first webapp product p2p file sharing app

Total working time Ora.PM

The following are stats about how much I spent by task type:

r/webdev - My first webapp product p2p file sharing app

Work by tag type

Some stats that I cannot screenshot because they don’t fit on my screen:

  • 11h 54m – Signup

  • 9h 7m – Design

  • 8h 15m – Notifications

Please let me know what you think and if you like the app. I don’t have anyone to test it so you guys are the first! Also, use the app if you find it useful and maybe subscribe if you need more features.

If you also work on your own projects, I have some advice for you:

  • watch that burn-o-meter… take a break. You don’t want to feel exhausted and give up

  • design will change many many times, don’t get fixed on the first revision

  • ask feedback from friends, they will point things out to you that you don’t see

  • take time to learn how to do things properly or else reimplement later

  • world is not going anywhere so don’t hurry

Thank you!

edit1: any feedback on design, UX or anything is very much welcomed!

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