This is somewhat graphic design adjacent – not sure where else to ask on reddit.

I’m designing a product label that will go on a product we distribute from a supplier. We’re keeping one of the supplier stickers on and replacing one of theirs with ours.

For consistency’s sake, I’d like our sticker to have the same look and feel as the suppliers.

Does anyone know what kind of sticker this is? It feels plasticy and has about the same bend as about 200GSM paper. The thing that makes it interesting is that it appears the black text is printed from the back, then coated with the silver, then the glue. There is no way to scratch the text off from the front of the label. This makes sense as these products are liable to be outside in all sorts of weather and industrial conditions.

So, any ideas? I’ve googled high tack, industrial, vinyl, die cut, kiss cut, metallic, foil, plastic, stickers, product labels, permanent. But it really looks like it’s a specialised process that I don’t know the name of, so my searching is fruitless.

r/graphic_design - What kind of sticker / product label is this?
r/graphic_design - What kind of sticker / product label is this?

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