I wanted to practice web development so I had an idea to make a website that shows graphs of the player numbers for this game. I would simply need to read the player count for each of the 50 worlds once every 6 hours maybe so I cant imagine I would need a lot of processing power.

What options do I have If I want this program to run 24/7? Would AWS be too expensive? Would it be better to have some shitty laptop or phone running this? I don’t think I would want to spend more than 10 dollars per year on this because I’m only doing it for myself mainly lmao. I’ve seen you can get free hosting through github also? But that only lets you host the website and not run the actual code? I study comp sci but I havent thouched web development so I dont know how these things work exactly.

edit: maybe aws lambda could work? maybe the free plan even?

any tips are appreciated.

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