Hello everyone, I’m new in the world of web design, and I’m trying to create my first website. I would like to ask for your help/advice for a problem I encountered. I’m designing a colorful background made of many layers, to which I would like to apply a parallax effect (keeping all layers apart). Here is a sample image to help you understand the composition of the background layers:

r/web_design - Multiple .svg to create background (Beginner question)

Example image

In your opinion there are no problems using many .svg images as background? Or do I make the site too heavy?

Do you also have advice on how I can adapt my images to the monitor view of the viewer? If I draw the background on a 1280*720 document, will it be displayed correctly in full screen even on larger monitors without losing the original aspect ratio?

In short, do you have advice on which is the best method to use to create such a background?

Thank you very much in advance!

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