I created "WHY DIDN’T I BUY?!" – My first website where users can review and highlight issues they have with products/manufacturers.

I made a review website where users can highlight the issues they have with a products or the product owner. The site then summarises the issues into groups for easy viewing for both shoppers and product owners.

The website is WHY DIDN’T I BUY: https://whydidntibuy.com/


Why did I make it?

“As many of you, I have sometimes been disappointed with upcoming and released products. However, online outlets to voice opinions are usually scattered, too long and/or not really actionable in the eyes of large companies.

Why Didn't I buy was a project created to provide a solution and consolidate the issues consumers have with products and their owners. Reviews are aggregated to a format that both consumers, brands, creators and publishers can hopefully view quickly” (snippet from my "about me" page)

This was my project to help me learn php (Laravel), HTML and JavaScript (Vue). It took me more than 3 years to make, because I still will work a full time 9-5 in sales. I am finally comfortable to release an MVP which I hope will grow and be useful. I also hope to make some residual cash from this, seeing as times are hard (thanks 2020).

I will add more to my story, I am just in a rush to get this though on time for “Show off Saturday”

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