As far as I can tell in my sleepy research there is no way to change the axis time zone using the google charts api, it will always default to your locations timezone, however there is a way to format your date in a time zone using the date formatter, so you can have a time on the axis on the right place, but the axis time zone not match the data…. in this example i wanna keep all the data in utc for the sake that some data might be recorded in a different place then the data is being viewed.

interestingly you can see that its put the data in the right place on the scale that’s in a different time zone…

if you anyone knows a way to set the axis timezone, pls tell me. I know you can set like a custom tick thing, but that is just seems like alot of work for such a small problem.

r/webdev - Google charts api is, intresting, when it comes to dates and times

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