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On the 18th of this month I moved my WordPress site from shared hosting to a new host (Kinsta) to improve speed. It has done that, both on the backend and front end.

However, immediately after the move on the 18th of this month and every day since, I’ve had a drop in daily traffic between 5-30% compared to previous periods, depending on the day. Before the move I was averaging 2,500-3,000 unique visitors a day.

Some things I’ve been told/done. I don’t know how relevant they are:

I’ve compared multiple 5 day periods to the current one to see if it wasn’t just a big week last week vs this one.

My domain is correctly directed to my site https://www.tlcinteriors.com.au and all variations (non www, http) direct to the one preferred domain. It wasn’t for a brief period of about 24 hours, but correcting that has made no difference.

My host told me my site was maxing out the “php workers” on my current plan, so I moved to the next one up.

Yesterday I updated to php 7.4. This along with increasing my plan seems to have reduced the php worker issue, and also reduced Ajax usage:

r/webdev - Drop in traffic since moving hosts

My host is telling me it’s impossible that moving hosts is the cause. I’m wondering if you have any tips or guidance or questions I should be asking them?

EDIT: I just had a thought to check my AMP data as I had an issue with it dropping off months ago. I’ve had an increase in it since the 18th. I’m moderately certain my google analytics is correctly combining amp and non-amp into my overall stats so if traffic has moved from one to the other I wouldn’t think there would be an overall reduction?

r/webdev - Drop in traffic since moving hosts

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