My design career started back in 2016. Started out as a graphic designer but currently working as a UX/UI designer in a software development company.

But I never stopped loving to do some logos and branding projects from time to time and that’s why I decided to make my first collection of logos for Behance (logofolio). My current problem is that I can’t decide the top 10 logos, or top 15. I already did a big selection, but I can’t decide what 5/10 logos are not worth to be in my logofolio.

Would be really happy if you guys can jump in and help with your feedback. What do you think, what is the top 10 or 15 from this list?

Idea is to share just marks black/white on Behance, will maybe include names/short description in the bottom of the image so everything can have more sense.

r/graphic_design - Hi everyone, I am 22y old designer looking for some feedback

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