The below is a collection of my recent work (between July 2019 and today). I wonder what other people may think of my specific “style” and the decision I made in trying to convey the right sort of idea. I’ll list the purposes of each logo below:

from left to right and top to bottom:

  1. BizzBuzz, an idea I had for a logo for a Linkedin like social media but with the emphasis on the business itself rather than the individuals behind it.

  2. Sync Solutions rebranding. I used to work for this company and on my own initiative I thought I’d remake their logo (as their logo at the time was not very appealing in my opinion). I tried to pitch my idea but they weren’t intesrested. The company mainly handles internet and phone infrastructure for small businesses.

  3. The third logo is the logo of my personal Freelance brand. It’s called studio devign and pictures a Lamassu (a divine entitity from Mesopotamian mythology depitcted as a hybrid animal). It is supposed to reflect my hybrid nature (designer/web developer) and at the same time is also a reference to the name “devign” which is a portmentau of design and development.

  4. Noventum is a logo I made for a fictional political party that is supposed to reflect my personal political convictions. Noventum is a portmentau of the latin words “novus” meaning “new” and “ventum” meaning “wind”. So , basically “new wind”. The idea behind the somewhat unconvential logo for a political party is that it is supposed to shake politics up and bring in a sort of “tech vision/spirit” in politics.

  5. Wiveva is the logo of a holding company. The name combines the surnames of all three people involved which I will not divulge here for privacy reasons. The logo incoporates the letters “W”, “E” and “I”.

  6. Plugcomm is a fictional ecommerce platform that is supposed to be almost identical in API style to Snipcart. The only difference being that Plugcomm is self hosted. Plugcomm refers to the plugable nature of the platform as it can be insterted into pretty much any website (just as Snipcart). with “comm” being a reference to “commerce”.

  7. Van Eyken is a fictional beer company that I and a few freinds were fantasising about starting one day. It has the surname of one of us as it sounded the most traditional and as such, the best suitable for a beer company. The logo is styled as a coat of arms depicting acorns and a tree (as “Eyken” is a reference to the oak tree). The lines on the right side reflect the nerves of a leaf.

  8. The final logo is the logo of a spin-off company of Imec which is run by a Belgian university. A friend of my brother asked me to make a logo for them. It ultimatly didn’t take but I’m still proud of it. It symbolizes a stylized letter “N” that is styled to look like an electrical diagram while a letter “D” styled to look like sound waves portrudes from it.

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