I have maintained so many outdated legacy systems, I’ve stopped counting. Sometimes they were built on top of Open Source legacy components, having been abandoned by their main developer, more than a decade ago (Durandal for instance) – Other times, they were built in frameworks, to support browsers, not even existing anymore (jQuery + IE6). Every time I wanted to re-create these apps, giving them a modern, secure and more agile codebase. Every time I was told “it’s too much work, we don’t dare to do it”.

After a while I got so tired of these answers, that I created a computer program, that would literally do 80% of the job, by reading meta information from the database, and automatically creating something like the following.

And yes, before you ask, I created the above Web application in 1 second. Magic will create one component as the above screenshot shows you, for every single database table you have – And it will generate perfect Angular code for you, as you can see here, allowing you to choose between multiple templates. As if that’s not enough, you can also create your own templates, to customise the scaffolding process to meet your company’s design requirements. And every component will allow the end user to Create, Read, Update and Delete entries from your database, arguably doing 80% of the job of completely rewriting your existing legacy code, to a modern platform, being .Net Core and Angular of course.

The resulting code is of course extremely modular, and easily maintained, with comments and “perfect” architecture, giving you a springboard when upgrading your existing legacy crapware. Hence, there are no more excuses – Drop the old (obsolete spaghetti code), embrace the future, and trust in Magic 🙂

Because in the end, your largest problem when confronted with the big rewrite, is always the database, and porting your existing data to your new codebase. With Magic, you can keep your existing database, implying no porting of data, just throwing away your old legacy source code …

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