Hey guys,

So my company have just had a rebrand by someone who claims to be an expert. It’s a software development company, i’m a UX designer but with a background in branding.

This brand expert came in, wowed everyone by mocking up the new ‘logo’ on about 20 different things after starting his presentation by saying “a brand is not a logo”, about the only thing I agreed with him on.

Given my background I could see straight through the shiny bullshit he was feeding people.

Anyway, here’s the new logo (yellow) and here is a logo I found on the top 10 images of searching ‘a logo’

I want to know what peoples thoughts are and the level of plagiarism here before I raise it as an issue with work.

Just bear in mind this ‘expert’ ran his own agency which he’s now sold.

So, are we treading in legal water by using this?

r/graphic_design - is this plagiarism?
r/graphic_design - is this plagiarism?

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