Photoshop Composit, looks like what would be called a photo collage, a lot of adjustment layers. The left image looks like it’s just using the Night Time effect that Photoshop has as a preset and the right is rather over saturated and tinted yellowLooks like it would take a decent while recreating this, but nothing really special being done, looks kinda… Amateurish tbhAlso as a post on this sub, just post the image, not the link to the songAnd also follow rule 3, pretty much all your precious posts to this sub were removed due to you not following rule 3, this is a warning that failure to follow the subs rules will result in a ban

Look at this guy’s other posts u/mango__juice?‍♂️?‍♂️

I’ve already removed this once as it’s art and not design, also on both posts you fail to follow rule 3


Also add, utter spam to the list as well, get out

r/graphic_design - What's wrong with this bitch of a moderator u/Mango__juice?

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