Hi there!

I created a website, where the design of it is bad, and i need to change it to make something nice to see.

This is the current website: https://lolfinder.netlify.app/

I got some feedback about the colors being too dark, but i dont know what colors to aplly.

This is my idea for the home page, I will convert the guide and the home page from the website into a scoll page.

I am using the profile home page to start the main design and colors and this is what i have got:

Live design : https://lolfinder.netlify.app/profile

r/webdev - First project design. Here are my sketches, need feedback and help

New design

The things that i have difficult to do is the blank spaces. I dont know what to do with them. If i add something there. If i leave them blank, etc etc.

I am here to learn and get some feedback/critics about this.


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