Hi, I’m a backend and frontend developer. Since one month I’m developing a full all-in-one invoice making app with API (in Swift and Vapor) + Frontend Web-app (VueJS) + iOS application (SwiftUI) for a company.

I almost finished everything, but I’m not satisfied with my frontend which is actually in Vue using Vuetify as “theme” (because I have good knowledge on it and it’s pretty fast to code with it).

Since few months, I see a lot of design like this on Dribbble and I’d like to know how I could integrate this (shadows, sort of translucent background, etc.). By the way, is there a name for this genre of design?

r/webdev - How this design can be implemented in CSS?

Took from Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/shots/14000947-Financial-Dashboard/attachments/5615917

TL;DR: I’d like to know how this type of design can be implemented in CSS and does this genre has a name so I could do some researches about it.

Thank you

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