Hello, all you beautiful people!

Do you remember the last time you had that awesomely innovative million-dollar idea or that super-interesting topic you wanted to share but were either too scared to present it or just couldn’t think of an exciting way to pitch it?

Or maybe you were on the other side: when you saw a pamphlet for a really interesting topic/talk but when you attended the presenter’s monotone delivery and lack of personality bore you to death?

But on the contrary, I also bet you’ve seen/heard someone present in a way that was so compelling that you still remember it vividly even years after. (Did someone say Billy Mays?)

r/graphic_design - ROAST ME/my attempt at a logo for my presentation/pitch coaching business

“Learning to COMMUNICATE is KEY.” -> That’s how a stupid pun was born.

What do I do: Essentially, I want to ensure every awesome idea has a voice by coaching people from the first two situations to deliver impactful and compelling presentations/pitches and become more like the third guy/gal.

But not in the boring, wishy-washy “conquer your fear”, “keep eye contact”, “ask the audience a question” way. I’m super actionable and I want to help them find their voice, draw together their key messages, and clean up their slides in a mere 90/120-minute workshop. People need to learn to actually enjoy presenting/pitching by embracing their uniqueness and having the ‘cojones’ to even be a bit edgy/joke-y.

Intended audience: Primarily startup founders, entrepreneurs/freelancers, and innovative, fun corporates who love to learn and are willing to get out of their comfort zone. Both males and females, roughly 25-40. Basically: anyone who doesn’t cling onto staying super-duper serious, official, and “vanilla” – even in the boardroom.

Brand “personality”: I want the brand to be the reflection of myself and my presentation style, as I will be the only person actually running the workshops/coaching (or at least before it becomes a Fortune500 operation ?). So definitely very ESTP: things like outgoing, approachable, fun-loving, smart, playful, assertive, persuasive… but still very knowledgeable and trustable.

I kindly await your roasts. Thanks so much guys x.

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