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I have been having some real issues for years now trying to get even an internship in the design field. I keel on editing and supposedly upgrading my CV and cover letter but I haven’t received even a single interview. It’s really making me quite concerned, as much as I am aware of my lack of professional practice I feel like perhaps I am just not presenting myself as well as I perhaps could with a bit of advice. Not too sure what they really look for that is supposed to stand out and catch eyes etc, any help will be so very much appreciated. I have been applying for mainly internships and junior level design jobs btw. Also, any projects mentioned aren’t from industry practice they are from school projects (A Level and degree studying).

Here is my “profile” which I originally had at the top of my CV:

“I’m a London based Graphic Designer, currently completing my degree. I enjoy how multi-dimensional this profession is. Seeking a vigorous position which will allow me to take initiative and work assertively, an opportunity to bring skills I’ve learnt into an ambitious, professional environment. I also anticipate collaborating with a team.”

and here is my cover letter:

“Dear Hiring Manager,

I am a designer currently obtaining a BA in Graphic Design, and I am very interested in this position which you currently have open. I believe that working at this company will be an amazing learning opportunity, and a chance to use my digital skills to create thriving digital communication.

From projects I have worked on thus far, I’ve gained successful experience in digital design, print, infographics, type design, typography and layout, UI design, filmography, packaging and branding, and photography. Some of the work I have enjoyed the most includes leaflet designs for London Transport. The design had tourists in mind and used a creative new way to point out the best places to shop in London. I have also constructed a working typeface for Herne Hill Velodrome, in response to their new pavilion as well as their history. For Crystal Palace Park, I created pictograms in a deadline-driven environment. Established the cohesive visual aesthetic for brand personality.

I have had the pleasure of working on major brand identity projects and I’m keen to grow my experience and be introduced to real world projects, making a positive visual impact on the world. My great eye for detail, motivation and organisation skills are just some of the assets that I have to offer to this company. I have a passion for what I do. As well as independent initiative, I am also really excited to meet other designers, learning from others and working together is one of the attributes of design that I enjoy the most. Embarking on this role will give me the chance to show what I know and what I am capable of. It will also give me the opportunity to work with other creatives within a thriving team.

Thank you in advance for your time.


please help?!???!!??

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