In that article we will learn how to publish to Apple Store via using TestFlight for new Flutter project.

Before we start, i assume that you had been coded and tested successful your Flutter app and ready to share with other IOS users.

First of all you need to create a IOS Developer Account via that link: 

It is necessary to become a paid member of the Apple Store with your Apple Developer Account, estimated prices is $ 99 per year.

Now we are ready to start.

1) I assumed that you had already the XCode IDE and Flutter extensions in your MAC OS device. If you don’t have please click here to download it free. ( )

2) Now open your project from XCode as below.

Opening XCode

3) From the Runner option select generic device

Selecting runner

4) Go back to Android Studio and set the Flutter SDK path in the terminal

Setting Flutter SDK path

5) Type following command to build iOS release on the terminal and wait for until it finishes

   flutter build ios --release

6) After build is done from Android Studio successfully then go to Xcode and select the below option.

Selecting Archive in XCode

7) After building, click on Distribute App option

Clicking Distribute App

8) Select method of distribution. I will select App Store Connect because i will release app via store

Selecting a distribution method

9) Click next to proceed

Uploading app

10) Click next to proceed

App Store Connection distribution options

11) Now you will able to see contents of your package

Contents of package

12) Click on the Upload button and it will display below screen if successful

Clicking on upload

13) Go to Test Flight and application should be visible there and provide all the information related to the application and click on Save button

Testing app

14) After it will get approved to send invitation to the user for testing click on the application add Individual tester  and fill required information as shown below

Adding tester's apple account

15) After beta is approved to submit application fill up all the information as shown below and click on submit for review button

Clicking submit

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