The advancement in the world of development has simplified the life of many developers. CSS allows you to create stunning designs without breaking any sweat. It reduces the extra efforts, allowing you to focus on boosting productivity.    

For newcomers, it is very important to understand the important libraries that can simplify their tasks. So here’s a list of a few CSS libraries that can help you get more control.  

1. Destyle.CSS

  • This opinionated library delivers a clean slate for HTML styling.
  • It ensures consistency across browsers.
  • One can easily reset custom margins and spacing.
  • Displays excellence with multiple styling approach.
  • It allows you to implement projects across multiple browsers.  
  • One can return line size and font height to its original state.
  • There is no need to reset web projects for different user agents styles.
  • Separate presentation and semantics.
  • For the main webpage, one can take advantage of style sheets.
  • Targets what is necessary and prevents style inspector bloat.  

2. Animate.css

  • This library adds animation to generate better impressions and interests.
  • It is customizable.
  • Used for cross-browser animations.
  • Ready-to-use library in the web projects.
  • Best for sliders, emphasis, attention guiding hints, home pages.  
  • Comes with a few utility classes in order to simplify use.
  • Has commands that are easy to understand and implement.  
  • It can smoothly specify interactions, length, and delay time of an animation.

3. Raisin.css

  • It supports the CSS grid.
  • RaisinCSS is completely open to customization.  
  • It is lightweight and very simple to use.  
  • Supports Flexbox.
  • Utility and skeleton-based tool.
  • This CSS utility library features pre-built modules.
  • Very easy to deploy.
  • This library delivers a complete suite of building tools and blocks to customize the CSS.
  • Has extensive functions of a wide array of commands like overflow, display, visibility, position, etc. 

4. CSS Wand

  • Sometimes we just need to add a simple animation, which does not require to write code.  
  • This library allows you to add simple animations like grow, shrink, rotate, etc.
  • For implementation, this library’s command just requires to be cut and pasted in the code.   
  • One can smoothly copy and paste beautiful CSS animations.
  • They can be easily customized as per one’s choice.

5. Water.css

  • It is a just-add-CSS collection of styles.
  • Makes simple websites look better and nicer.  
  • One can write a simple static site with nice semantic HTML, and this library will keep the styling in check.
  • It is an amazing tool to add simple CSS functions to the website.
  • Simplifies the implementation of web development elements.
  • It does not feature class and is extremely lightweight.   
  • Since there is no class, one can implement it universally.
  • It has good browser support.
  • With good quality of code, it is also quite responsive.

6. Font Awesome

  • Font Awesome is light and easy to install and use.  
  • It is a CSS library for vector icons and logos.
  • One can customize them for designs.
  • Icons come in multiple variants.
  • Provides up to 1000 free web fonts. 

7. Semantic UI

  • Has 3000+ CSS variables.
  • Has 50+ UI elements.
  • Streamlines the development process in a variety of ways.
  • Shares UI for front end development.
  • Treats classes and words as exchangeable concepts.
  • Delivers similar vocab to designers and developers and keeps the progress in sync.   
  • Developers with lesser experience can easily work with it.
  • Additional JavaScript implementation is not required.
  • Equipped with intuitive inheritance.
  • Utilizes simple phrases known as behaviors, in order to trigger functionality.   
  • Its classes are easy to understand.
  • Has high-level theming variables enabling complete designing freedom.
  • It can also be integrated with Angular and React.
  • Since it is open-source, it is one of the most popular libraries.
  • Uses human-friendly HTML to create responsive layouts.
  • Flexbox friendly.
  • For responsive design, it is created with EM values. 

Final Word!

Creating web designs is not that easy, especially when you are new and getting used to the concept. But these libraries can surely make your life a lot easier. All the seven mentioned libraries will help you focus on things that actually matter. On using them you will gradually improve your productivity and efficiency.

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