I am from Mongolia and I’ve just started my own startup business involved tech, travel and some small retailing. Looking at the long term and bigger picture – my plan is to diversify. We have this sacred mountain in Mongolia which is government protected as they legend goes, our ancestor the Great Emperor Genghis Khan and all of it’s people and the whole empire worshiped this sacred mountain called “Burkhan Khaldun” literal translation is “Godly Khaldun”.

Also the legend goes, the first great original ancestral lineage of Mongolian Empire traces back to Borte Chino (Grey Wolf) and his wife was Gua Maral (White Doe) and so the story goes on.

PS: You can google this and its pretty interesting.

This is still very sacred among our people, tradition. So I took the idea of grey wolf and combined it with the sacred mountain thus the wolf howling on top of the mountain logo design.

Since I am only newbie, I know it still needs improvement. But I dont want it to be so shiny and too much details included. Just want it to be clean, strong and eye catching (something that would say “oh i get the idea where the name and logo came from”).

Please help if possible. Thanks and much appreciated.

r/graphic_design - Critique my logo design and improve maybe? I am only a beginner still learning. Looking forward to some improvements from experienced users (with the title and without)

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