I do not believe this is a beginner question, but if it is I’m sorry. I went through the FAQ and this seems well beyond that scope.

I built a website about 3 years ago using WP and the MH Magazine Lite theme. At the time it ran with a pagespeed insight score of 91, sitting pretty in the green.

I neglected the backend for a long time but recently started getting interested in it again. I found it sitting at an insight score of 20, no idea why it got so bad. I went to a better web host and upgraded the PHP, which took it to 51. Still not great.

One of the two main issues it calls out is ‘Defer Offscreen Images’ which instructs me to get a lazyload plugin. I already had a3 Lazyload installed, so I disabled it and used the one that came with W3 Total Cache instead. Still gave me the same issue report. I even tried running both at the same time just for the hell of it, still no different.

I have been purging my cache after each change. What am I doing wrong here? That is 1.5 seconds I would desperately like to cut off my load time. I’ve been fighting this for over an hour now.

Any insights into this, or anything else on the list below, would be greatly appreciated. W3 Cache Minify doesn’t seem to be helping render-blocking resources either, but I haven’t begun to tackle that monster yet.

r/web_design - PageSpeed insights still telling me to consider Lazy Load even though I have tried two separate plugins. What gives?

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