As a Belarus citizen and web developer, I want to support the protest spirit of the Belarussian movement against Lukashenko’s tyranny and violence by starting the “Change Belarus Flag” on the web initiative – let’s change the old red-green flags and icons we use in our projects’ taxonomies to the new white-red-white flags.

We already did so in our projects and created a pack of white-red-white Belarus flags and icons which you can use in your projects. The pack and information about the situation:

r/webdev - Change Belarus Flags on the web initiative

Examples of Belarus flags in the pack

CC0 – use and change it as you want, no attribution required.


Rectangular, square, round.

White, light-grey versions (for white backgrounds), 3d effect.

Able to create more/better and give it away with CC0? Can share in other developers communities? Do it and share it!


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