HI, hope this is not off-topic (after all it´s graphic) but I need to ask for your opinion on something. I´m a writer, but lately, (since May) I got really into book cover graphic design in Photoshop. Making my own covers is the best after all 😀 Plus I´m trying to learn enough to maybe one day be able to offer my own services as a graphic designer for self-publishing authors 🙂

The thing is…

I upload my graphic on my Wattpad and Instagram (follow my graphic at tiana_lambent lol :D) and two days ago a girl contacted me with an offer. She´s planning on self-publishing her novel but only a few copies for friends and family and that kind of stuff. She asked me if it would be possible to make her a jacket book cover because she really likes my style. In the end, I agreed to make her one because I think it would be cool seeing my graphic on someone´s book 🙂

Okay and here´s the thing I need help with… She said she´s open to any suggestions of what I want in return. Yeah… The whole time we were talking about this I did not mention anything because I have no idea what should I ask for ?

I don´t think I should ask for money (as graphic designers do) because A) I´m not a pro and B) her book is going to have only a few copies. So what should I ask for? I was maybe thinking that she could send me one copy of the book? idk…

I´m adding a few examples of my book covers for anyone interested…

r/graphic_design - What should I ask for an in return for making a jacket book cover?

pls don´t judge me too much :´D

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