r/graphic_design - Graduation pin for a friend - Help/feedback/review needed !

Hello everyone,

I am currently designing a pin for the PhD defense of a friend and co-worker. The idea is to have him wear the pin for his defense, and offer some as well to his friends and supervisors once he will be doctor.His favorite animal is the panda, he work as a chemist with plant and microorganisms, and we joke a lot about not knowing what we are doing in the lab!

The image will be printed on a Ø 3.2cm metal pin (gray part should be a metalic texture). I am going for a flat/vectoriel style so I am not trying to add to much details. But so far, I am not relly confident with my drawing, and I don’t know how to improve the expression/composition/colors anymore. The panda look more sad than clueless, and overall it feels a little bit bland. I also want to write somewhere the defense date.

Can you guys help me with so feedback or suggestions? 🙂

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