r/graphic_design - I made a logo for myself :) What do you think?

Dear people 🙂 I made a logo for myself. What do you think? Very happy about any criticism 😀

Some more in depth info:
I struggled for some time to make a logo that represents me. So i mixed different fonts to show different aspects of myself and tweaked them so they look suitable together.

If you are interested in the fonts : The L is a very adapted Futura, Y is Amador with the tail a little longer to match the baseline of my Last name, 1. N is Futura, 2. N is minion, Last name is Futura again.

So what do the fonts stand for? Futura for clarity and straightforwardness, Amador for standing out against others, and Minion for easy to read/Easy to understand = Good communication.

Sorry if there are mistakes in my text, english is not my first language 😉

Thank you very much for reading 😀

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