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Good day to all of you,

Recently I published a tool and the article which took me for about 2,5 years of research on cognitive science and behavioral economics. A tool called “UX CORE” consists of 105 hands-on examples of cognitive biases use in modern software development.

Tool link: https://keepsimple.io/en/uxcore.html

Also, I wrote an article that mainly focuses on how understanding brain errors and human behavior patterns can help to provide high-quality user experience (UX) in software production both for mobile and desktop.

Medium article link: https://medium.com/@alexanyanwolf/the-science-of-user-experience-b4ae1314712c

My idea was to lower the threshold for understanding cognitive biases, thereby allowing even non-specialists to know not only the fact of the error but also how this knowledge can be used.

At the moment, information on this topic is very much scattered across Wikipedia and various entertainment portals in the style of “5 brain mistakes that will make you wonder”, however, I decided to move away from the idea of ​​entertainment content, and focus my efforts on showing the topic from a different angle.

I am deeply convinced that in our time, when at every step people talk about “a thousand amazing possibilities”, humanity greatly underestimates the importance of understanding our own mistakes in processing information, which are inherent and will be characteristic of all of us throughout our life.

Share this information with those who you think would find the topic interesting. Help me expand the discussion. Many thanks.

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