Hey everyone! Here is my first design of a mock logo for a fake ridesharing company. The company is not like Uber and Lyft, but rather you can rent your car out to other people which I tried to illustrate in the logo.

Here is the link and I have written out my thought process below: https://imgur.com/a/z7K6h6B

With this company, you can rent your car out to someone else and they will return it when they’re done, similar to Turo. The main logo shape is an outline of a map waypoint. The arrow that loops around is supposed to show that the car is being returned to the same point it was picked up at. And the speedometer in the middle is self-explanatory.

I want the company to be perceived as innovative, approachable, sustainable, and reliable.

Please share your feedback and critiques with me! I am having a hard time finding a matching typeface.

r/graphic_design - Feedback on mock logo for a ridesharing company

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