The way I work currently is I have a folder on my Mac with all my project folders, each one is for a specific project and contains the following:

  1. Design files (Illustrator, XD, Affinity, etc)

  2. Documents (Word, Excel, etc)

  3. A few repos for the site, scripts, etc

  4. Various other folders if applicable.

r/webdev - Git repo inside Dropbox folder? - You can configure Dropbox to   if you don't want your entire .git subfolder and npm node_modules or composer vendor directories included.

By default, these are backed up by Backblaze on my computer but not stored on any real cloud service so it would be quite possible if my computer died to lose all design files for a project, the repo not so much as I’m constantly committing.

The question I have… is it possible to just store this root “Projects” folder on my Dropbox and not run into issues with there being Git repositories in there?

Edit: I guess to make it more clear, I don’t really care about storing them as repositories on Dropbox, just I want to keep all the files for a single project in one place.

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