Hey r/webdev!

I’ve been waiting all week for today (Saturday) to be able to post this here. ?

It’s with extreme excitement, happiness and relief that I can now say, introducing… Reactive Resume v2. With nearly 1.7k stars on GitHub, around 100 closed issues and feature requests, I heard you loud and clear and revamped the project from the ground up, and boy, am I excited to hear what you guys think about this!

Without much ado, here’s the link to the all new Reactive Resume:


r/webdev - Introducing Reactive Resume v2, the free and open source resume builder!

For those of you who are not aware of the project, here’s the cliff note: Reactive Resume is a free, open source, ad-free, private app that focuses on making the mundane tasks of creating, updating and sharing your resume a piece of cake.

Here is a subset of features introduced in the all new revamp:

  • Manage multiple resumes with one account, and sync your data across devices

  • Sign in with Google, or sign in anonymously just to test the app

  • Send your resume to others with a unique sharable link

  • Structure sections and change layouts the way you want to

  • Import your existing JSON Resume in one click

  • Everything is still free, and always will be.

Here is the link to the GitHub Repository, if you’d like to go through the code (it’s in React, hence the name): https://github.com/AmruthPillai/Reactive-Resume and if you have an itch to contribute to the project, it would be extremely helpful to translate the app into your own language so people across the world would be able to use it with ease.

Please do take a few minutes to go through the app, and if you loved it, let me know in the comments below on what could be better. Thank you so much for all the support!

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