Hey everyone! I’m new to Reddit and I thought that I could get some feedback on a poster I made. This is the first poster that I’ve made that is actually being used by a local company! I’m really excited, and I would love any and all feedback.

I made this for a theater company. It’s a poster for a showing they’re doing, “The Outsiders” (some of you may know the movie). Some of the set takes place near a Graffiti wall, which is why I chose this type. I also created the brick background to lay the type on. The image is of the whole cast.

The company wanted an edgy poster. The main colors of the casts’ costumes are red and blue, hence the red and blue coloring of the cast which I added. I also chose the bright yellow not only for contrast, but also because there is a fire in the show (originally there was a fire in the poster, but the company liked this version the best)

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