Hi all, a client of mine for whom I’ve set up an email account for has been having problems with massive delays with how soon her emails are coming in.

I’ve checked the header of her past emails to learn about the delivery path they’ve been taking and have isolated the problem to the time taken between mail0007.sh.tyo1 and 2002:aa7:d448:: as shown in the image below (in other emails, it’s taken as much as 50 minutes).

However, I’m not sure how to interpret this information, and even less sure about how to resolve it. Any help on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

r/webdev - Need help in interpreting email delays - How is the email being sent? Is this delay just from one source? If their mailbox is with Office 365, then make sure their MX records are setup right. If the emails are from a webserver, it should ideally be going to some sort of mail server or …

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