I’ve been trying to switch from Brackets to either Atom or VS Code for my primary code editor. Unfortunately, in both cases there’s one thing preventing me from making the leap: the autocomplete functionality in Brackets (and Dreamweaver) is far superior to anything I’ve found in other editors.

I’ve tried numerous mods/packages/extensions of course. There are some very good ones that autocomplete URLs as you’re typing new code, but none are very good at editing existing URLs, which is a significant part of what I need to do in my job.

The Brackets and Dreamweaver autocomplete is just too good for me to do without. I type a letter or two, make a couple clicks, and the entire URL has been replaced. I don’t need to delete anything or retype the tag or copy/paste.

Does anyone know how to duplicate this functionality in either Atom (my first choice) or VS Code?


PS: My main reasons for wanting to leave Brackets are that the UI (especially menus) is a mess, and the mod community seems kinda dead – most of the extensions I find haven’t been updated in years.

r/webdev - Is it possible to duplicate the path autocomplete functionality of Brackets and Dreamweaver in Atom or VS Code, where you can type in the middle of an existing URL and it understands what you're doing?

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