For raffling prizes, I wanted to refer to an independent online source data for drawing numbers.

Our raffle is anywhere between 2-5 digits
We allow participants to pick any number within range (This gives them feeling of control, somewhat)

We dont want to go the traditional route of using online random generators because it’s too simple..

Manually drawing digits using raffle balls or cards would be more exciting, but we dont wanna go that route as well…we want to keep things online

So we figured, we use an online resource available to all and that’s completely out of our control as point of reference….

At the moment we are considering using FOREX rates, particularly the last digit

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Where when we set the dates, say for a 3 digit raffle
DRAWS will be on July 1 2 and 3

We would then take the last digit of the forex rate for each of those days, and that represents the drawn number as a whole

This keeps things exciting and people has something to look forward to each day.

  1. what do you guys think of this stupid idea? lol

  2. more importantly, any other fun/reliable reference you could suggest? we were thinking about local weather lol

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