So, I’ve used SendGrid’s emailing service in the past for one of my web projects. I only sent a couple of test emails and never used it in production. I was only on the free plan at this time.

However, recently, after at least 3 months of not having sent a single email, I suddenly received an email one day saying that my payment of $250 dollars has failed. I immediately logged in and noticed that my account was, for some reason, on the most expensive plan. After downgrading immediately to the free plan, I sent an email to SendGrid support saying that I never used a single email.

However, now, four days later, there has still been no reply. I just logged into the dashboard and I noticed that there has been 40 thousand emails sent in the past few days

Post image

All of these requests were made by other people

Then on the billing section:

Post image

I had a whopping $900 additional due! In addition, my payment was switched to the card that can be seen now. The address was also changed.

Post image

My IP address is blanked out. The rest are unknown logins

Obviously, someone gained access to the API and I have no idea what to do in this situation. SendGrid support has still not responded, and I have no way to pay the $1200 I have due.

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