Old Map (property survey) Refresh Help!

Fellow Graphic Designers. I have been approached with a rather "Unique" project. A client of mine has an old 'map' (appears to be a property survey) of a property they own. Problem (see image) is that the ink is super faded and the lines are barely viewable. Would anyone happen to have any experience or methods into how I could perhaps scan/photograph the map and darken the lines/text? Client would like the map to look as original as possible but in digital/print form, so that he can print it as a gift to his father who purchased the property some time ago. I know the property is in Canada, not sure if contacting their local government office would be worth the effort to see if a map in better condition exists. Aside from taking shots and attempting to adjust through photoshop I am at a blank with this. Client has said that they did not want the map recreated and wanted to see the original handwriting, so it seems that vector lines and new text would be out of the question for now.

Any ideas?


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