I just wrapped up a redesign project for a brewery, and myself and the client were very happy how it turned out! Redesigns are always particularly exciting, because it’s much easier to identify pain points and see the solutions in the new designs. This client had a few issues with the designs that they currently had for their main beer line:

– it didn’t have any energy and didn’t connect well with their audience of enthusiastic beer lovers

– it was visually all of the place, and didn’t easily present information

– it was clearly DIY and lacked professionalism

For the new look, we went with a minimal design that was easily adaptable to all their flavors. Their logo needed to be prominent, since they are locally a very well-known brewery. The information took the center stage, making it easy for the customer to know what kind of beer they’re reaching for. The bold blocks of colors and simple graphic elements resulted in a clean, yet energetic look that can come to establish their beer in the market.

Full case study here!

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Old Can Designs

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New Cans

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Five Flavor Lineup

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