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I hope this is kind of the right place to ask, I had a look around at a few subs and honestly don’t know.

My boss set up our shop with a website through TalkTalk when we used them as our internet supplier years ago and then basically forgot about it. Now we (mainly me) have some free time he wanted it updated/back online. We no longer use TalkTalk and when attempting to look at our site I get “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site. We can’t connect to the server at www.domainname.co.uk.” – obviously everything has expired.

Whois data

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No one seems to be using the name. I contacted talktalk and got the same whois data along with “Unfortunately we are unable to provide new domain hosting options to our customers so you would need a new provider. I apologise for any disappointment. “

So how do I go about renewing the name? Can I contact the Public Domain Registry directly? I am feeling a bit out my depth here!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, either here or by pointing me to another sub.

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